These creative journeys have become part of my life experience. In one sense, I actually did not plan them, I ‘experienced’ them.
They could not be ‘repeated’ as just half of it was logistics, research, reviews, etc. the other part was creativity, observation, resilience and…luck. Yes, I have been fortunate enough to use survival instincts and self-preservation skills too many times not to appreciate it.
Please accept my sincere apologies for the incoherent and unfinished descriptions as I am still categorising tons of photos from previous journeys dating back from 1999. I decided to post them online and then give it the final touch and corrections.
Places to share with you include 15 European countries, the Korean Peninsula, Middle East, The States.

Journeys can be followed or created. With so many opportunities and equipment available one could easily embark on any journey as they wish. What does truly mean to be creative in terms of traveling? To me, it has always meant the same…to get ‘educated’. To experience, touch, smell, hear the place. Basically, to feel the awe effect.

In today’s era of the omnipresent Internet, one can virtually ‘visit’ places around the world within one click of the mouse. Sitting at home after a hard and stressful day at work, the last thing one would think of is ‘organising’ a trip to somewhere unknown or unfamiliar. We want an all-inclusive service to chill out and rest. Deservedly so. IT does not have to be something ‘big’. Even a city break, small trip to the local park can be a creative one. A special one. One you remember and reminisce in times of you feeling under the weather.

Safety first.

The paradox with safe travel is that in past centuries explorations were about discovering places, having limited resources, therefore, taking safety precautions seriously, and still taking risks. Today’s travelers often put themselves in the unnecessary risk just to make the trip ‘more exciting’. Why? Perhaps, traveling has become so common, so straightforward, but also so competitive on social media. People would die for this ‘perfect selfie’ not even realising what is in the background. More drivel to come…

Thinking globally… what does it mean? In today’s interconnected world traveling has become ever easier than it used to be.  We humans constantly have always explored new, undiscovered places, climbed the mountains, sailed through rivers, seas and oceans. What took weeks, months to reach distant and isolated destinations, now it can be achieved within hours, days. How about messages, letters? Traditional had written letters were passed on to the recipient after long train or horse journey. Now we have emails, instant messengers. It is one global village. Have the purpose of traveling changed? The struggle and joy of traveling with the final of reaching the destination. What if we are losing the sense of exploring the world because there is not much to be explored or discovered?

I will post more thought-provoking issues concerning the ‘globalisation of traveling’ soon.



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