Getting Around

Argentinian Buses

I entered Argentina from Mendoza town side using the bus company CATA International. Although I started in Chile it was only after a few hours when we reached border crossing in the Andes. The views were spectacular and the experience one cannot miss out on while traveling in this region. Not too far, Aqoncacua sits proudly and entices hikers to conquer it.
As most of the bus ride across Argentina took the considerable amount of time, I added this experience as a separate post with some photos.

The famous Zig Zag route to the Chilean Argentina border. Sunning views and adrenaline boost.
Goodbye Chile! It said.
The closer we got to the Argentinan actual border the more flags we had seen.
Immigration Official Building with the beautiful Andes behind.
Parking and resting area on the Argentinean side. The building is the official Immigration crossing with Passport checks, luggage inspection and cold temperatures as it sits at 3161m


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