Getting Around

Galapagos Ferry

I landed on San Cristobal Island at 11am. One hour change from the mainland. I had a few hours to kill before boarding a boat to Santa Cruz which was due at 3pm. I didn’t have too many options considering I had to carry my heavy backpack. I walked around the town and admired local attractions, sipping Coca Cola.


Typical place for a photo shot. What is really cute is that by the letter L you find a few seals relaxing and practically, not giving a hoot on what’s is going on nearby.
That was the moment of realisation that I finally reached the Galapagos shores.
One hour left to board my first ferry, to Santa Cruz where I stayed overnight only to board another ferry early in the morning.
Embarking or disembarking corner on the pier. Chilling out and waiting. This place is pretty much free from crowds until 30min before the ferry is due.
On the other side, you have boats anchored and some sort of water taxis that can take you for a ride around the shore.


Again, a tourist spot for ‘I have been here’ photo shot.
Once you confirmed your booking and ID with the representative of the company, you will be escorted to the tiny boat for a short ride to the actual ferry. You will kindly pay the taxi driver  0.5 Peso.
As it is said, purchase your ticket in advance, however, I noticed a few lastmine travellers. They could be locals, I am not sure.
They danced gracefully and patiently to receive their share. It wasn’t without fierce competition.


Just next to the main entrance you have this little garden with iguanas and seals. They seem to be friendly and domesticated but it actually far from the truth. You get closed please with caution they can easily feel intimidated.
Be discreet and don’t’ disturb their playtime. They don’t mind as long as you keep quiet.

Ferry from Santa Cruz to San Isabela was a bit rough but tolerable.


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