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Peruvian Buses

From Lima, I decided to take a flight to Cusco. I visited Machu Picchu and continued my journey to Bolivia. From Cusco, I took an overnight bus to La Paz. It went via Puno, where we stopped for 3 hours (I took a half-day tour to Floating Islands), then continued to Copacabana after crossing the Peruvian/Bolivian border.

I used the Peru/Bolivia Hop company and was overall satisfied with the service. That is, however, my humble opinion. It was well organised and informed trip with many side options like vouchers and excursions.
From Cusco to Copacabana you have one PeruHop bus service and from Copacabana to La Paz another BoliviaHop service. They collaborate and the whole journey goes uninterrupted.

Peru Hop Coach stopping at the border.
From Copacabana, you board Bolivia Hop coach. A group is divided by those who were staying in local hotels and those who continued their trip to LaPaz. This bus took us to the highest capital in the world, La Paz.
Peruvian / Bolivian border crossing. This is the Bolivian side.
Once you cross the border on foot you need to enter this building where you will get a stamp in your passport.

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