Galapagos Transit Control Card

Once you get to the airport in Quito, you will have to show your ticket and Passport to the Galapagos Authorities. Nice guys who nicely ask you to part with 20 dollars for Entry Card. Grab your backpack and proceed to luggage inspection to your right. I serious but the professional lady in uniform searched my luggage and pointed to wet clothes in a plastic bag, also to an empty bottle which I was ordered to throw away. It was a bit chaotic on my part but all procedure is smooth and not rushed.

Once I went through the Immigration desk, luggage inspection room, I sat in the waiting area looking around for a cuppa.


This is the form you need to fill in before entering the Galapagos Islands. You will receive it on board.


The reverse side. Basically, don’t bring anything nasty which endangers the unique biosystem on Galapagos. Respect the place.

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