Getting Around

Chilean Buses

Here I was, in Calama for one day before traveling down to Santiago. The journey lasted 22 hours and stopped at Antofagasta. It was probably one of the most pleasant and comfortable bus journeys. Stunning views and superb onboard service. From Santiago, after visiting Easter Island, I took an overnight bus to Buenos Aires, via Mendoza.


I must admit that was a pleasant surprise when it comes to bus service. Total professionalism. Full onboard service, steward, three meals and movie entertainment.
Around 8pm we had a 30min break at one of the cities. While some of the passengers dined or wined in the local bars, some others brought out their own food on the table.  I walked around taking photos. Locals prey on tourists here, be aware of your belongings.
Comfy spaced seats and curtains separately for everyone.
I think I watched a Spanish language version of Equalizer 2, the movie with Denzel. Educational experience.
Lots of options to enhance your enjoyment and comfort during the 22h journey.
It may not look appetising and luxurious but it was tasty inned.  Ohh, I really enjoyed this orange jelly. Everyone would if your food rations are limited.

Terminal where you arrive in Santiago.

It is a huge place and took me some good walking to get out. Pretty safe and clean.


Terminal where you depart from Santiago. This terminal is somewhat a bit further down the main road. It is smaller but operates international routes. I purchased a cheap and awful Hod Dog with some green stuff on top. My stomach luckily survived this challenge.
The seats were narrower and harder in comparison to Pullman Bus. There were onboard service and two meals with hot and cold drinks. The screen was malfunctioning but was fixed swiftly.
The half-empty bus was a bonus if you fancied stretching your legs or taking photos from both sides.
Once we crossed the Argentinian border we were treated with a simple breakfast type meal.
Getting closer to the ChileanArgenitnina border. The views were stunning.
The bus enters the gov building, you get off making sure you collect ALL your personal belongings and proceed to the passport checks. The bus will be thoroughly searched and ALL luggage from the bus compartments transported manually to the inspection room. You walk through and anyone with bags with locks will be inspected. You get back on the bus and the crew will wait for the final call to go.
Although my beloved winter polar jacket had gone missing on the Argentina border, I fretted not as the bus crew kindly kept the night temperature inside at 24C. Thanks, guys!



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