Getting Around

Teheran Metro

Tehran airport is now connected by subway line 8. This change has caused much controversy and resentment amongst cab drivers and minibuses, understandably though. Before the opening, you had to rely on private taxis which typically charged 25/30 for a ride to Tehran city. With metro line 8 taking you first to Shahed and transfer line 1 to City. The train ticket cost less than a dollar. Once you leave the airport, cross the bridge and follow the signs. There was a manned ticket counter. This paper pass let you open the small gate and you are in heading down the stairs to the platform.

Metro will take you from the airport to Tehran city.
Going through the barriers and down by moving stairs.
The train comes and goes every 90 minutes. At the time of my travel the station at the airport was very quiet with no other passengers, really. I needed to wait 30min for the next train and during that time around ten more passengers appeared. Most of them other international travelers. I could see that some of them were just trying ths type of city connection for the first time.
This newly built station was still unexplored by the majority of airport arrivals.
Line 8 and Shahr-e Forodgahi-e Imam Khomeini station.
There is one transfer to be made in order to complete the journey to the city.
This is the transfer station from Line 8 to Line 1.
Many passengers were travelers from neighboring countries of Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Russians.
Metro in Tehran is really user-friendly. Well signposted and bilingual.
This metro line from the airport to the city was almost empty. A total difference to what you could expect in London, Paris or New York. It is just the traditional way from Tehran airport had always been private drivers making their living from tourists trying to get to the city centre quickly and safely.
Travelers on Line 8 heading from the Tehran airport to the city.
Now, this is the typical tube car with metal barriers to separate male passengers from female passengers. Whether that is motivated by religion or respect for women comfort of travel I shall leave to others to decide. These carriages were hardly ever crowded.

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