Getting Around

Taiwanese Buses

I was traveling around Taiwan using the whole railway system I could use with my Five Days Rail Pass. However, on a few occasions, I had to take a bus ride. The first time riding from Chiayi City to Alishan National Park and again from Kaohsiung to Kenting National Park. The latter journey was a pleasant experience. The coach was well air-conditioned, WiFi, TV and my morning cup of coffee.

Artistically designed and user-friendly coach was safe and on time.
From the outside, the coach was looking friendly and welcoming while inside you were kindly reminded about the ever-present dangers and act accordingly. The ironic thing was I was sitting next to this young Taiwanese girl and at some point had to ask her for further directions. For some reason, we were comfortable and at ease with each other. I was heading for a serious mountain trek that day and she must have noticed that, wishing me…luck.
Here we stopped for a long break. As we were ascending the weather was getting chilly and windy. Other passengers were visiting nearby restaurants and convenience stores for some supplies whether it was drinks, food or extra clothes.
This ticket was purchased at one of the popular convenience stores FamilyMart. It was seemingly the only place you could get the ticket in advance. It secured I got a seat number. The bus departing at 5.55am was still in high demand.
Not long to go. I was approaching the Alishan station at around 7am and still had to arrange a private transport to the Park Village.

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