Getting Around

South Korean Buses

While in South Korea I opted for public transport to get to Muju, a mountainous area where the biggest Taekwondo training centre is located. It is called Taekwondowan. It was too far away from Seoul and I was too determined to visit this place.  I relied on my Korean printouts with all maps and description of the centre.  It proved useful during my conversation with local Korean elderly passengers. We could just speak different languages to each other and hope I was going in the right direction. The bus journey from Seoul to Muju was pretty much straightforward. The fun started here.

This is the small bus station in Muju with buses taking you to other towns and villages.
Bay area, waiting for my bus to the final destination.
South Korean buses waiting for passengers.



Easy to operate the ticket machine.
I just need to pick a seat and good to go.


Here is my ticket with South Korean breakfast. It may not be the healthiest option but this tasty doughnut was a local revelation.

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