Taiwanese Visa

If you plan to visit Taiwan via Taipei airport you will get your visa stamp on arrival. As U.K. citizen you are exempt but if you are national of any other country just double check with the Taiwanese embassy. I got a 90 days visa stamp and was free to travel across the country. For those who even think about using recreational drugs, it is a suicide here, in other words, capital punishment. Always ensure your luggage is properly sealed or taped to prevent ‘accidental third-party interference’ It would be an awful way to die as an innocent man.

Some official info:

  1. Eligible Applicants:

taiwanvisa (2)Foreign national, who holds an ordinary passport, intends to stay in the Republic of China(Taiwan) for less than six (6) months for the purpose of transit, sightseeing, visiting relatives, paying a visit, attending a training course, receiving medical treatment, or engaging in business or other activities.


(1) A passport valid for at least six (6) months
(2) A permanent resident visa – if you are not a Belizean
(3) A completed barcoded Visa Application Printout.
(To fill in the Visa Application Form, please visit )
(4) Two recent passport photos.
(5) An incoming and outgoing airline itinerary
(6) Documents prove the purpose of visit (eg. invitation letter)
(7) Other documentation (For personal pleasure traveler: provide financial support document; for a student: provide school’s acceptance letter; for business: provide official invitation/letter from the company. Please call our office to get additional information if you are traveling with any other purposes other than above listed.)

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