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Interrail Global Pass

Well, I didn’t get the chance to use it eventually as after doing all the calculations, I realised that it would cost me additional several hundred pounds to complete the journey I had created to explore Western part of Europe. Basically, the time and places couldn’t comply with each other. Since it was a peak season and popular destinations, I would have had to pay extra for seat reservations. As far as this RailPass is a convenient way of traveling, in order to make the most of it, you had better travel off season and allow more time to be able to alternate your rail routes. My priority was on specific places at a specific time. I opted for single tickets purchases. Not that much hassle considering that I saved a bit and had the freedom to change my mind should any travel issues have arisen. IF lucky enough one might find all sorts of discounts and upgrades. I did.

The idea is pretty much the same as with other Rail Passes. Before boarding each new train, ensure that you record the details of each trip as without it the Interrail Pass is not valid. The Interrail Passes have various periods of validity. You can opt to use it on selected days, or consecutively. Create your itinerary with the train connections you actually need to use as not always the Pass is beneficial and money-saving way of travel across Europe. The idea is great but the practical side needs to be well thought out if you truly want to benefit from it.

Some official general info for you:

InterRail is the rail pass range for European and non-European residents.  A Global InterRail pass gives unlimited train travel on the scheduled train services of the national train operators across most of Europe.  A single-country InterRail pass gives unlimited travel in just one country.  InterRail passes date back to 1972 when the national railways of Europe clubbed together to offer a rail pass for young people giving unlimited train travel across the Continent.  There are now child, youth, adult & senior InterRail passes for anyone resident in Europe, an ideal way to explore Europe at ground level, stress-free, with someone else doing the driving.  If you live outside Europe, you can’t buy an InterRail pass, but can buy a Eurail pass instead.


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