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Orla Perc Trek, Poland

Orla Perć (English: Eagle’s Path) is a tourist path in the Tatra Mountains in southern Poland. It is considered the most difficult and dangerous public path in the entire Tatras and is therefore a suitable route only for experienced climbers. The path is marked with red signs. Since it was established, more than 140 people have lost their lives on the route.

The route is located in the centre of the High Tatras. The total length of the accessible route is 4.5 km. Total walking time (summer, depending on trails conditions) varies between 6 and 8 hours. The highest point is Kozi Wierch at 2291 m amsl. The path starts at Zawrat pass (2159 m amsl) and finishes at Krzyżne pass (2112 m amsl), leading through several peaks and traversing others. The path is exposed, leading mostly along the mountain ridge. Numerous aids for tourists are provided at the most steep and vertical stretches, including ladders, stepladders, chains and metal steps. The most frequent ground constitutes mainly granite slab, rough rubble and uneven surface. The path is linked to other routes; there are altogether eight junctions with other paths, leading to mountain shelters and chalets. The stretch from Zawrat pass – Kozi Wierch is one-way only. Falling stones and avalanches are possible along the route.

Beautiful trek with dramatic folow and miraculous end.

Yep, I had an accident there and near escaped death.

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